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Humbucker Swap On A Hollow Body


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Hi All. I own a Sheraton II from 1991 or 92. It's a lovely playing and feeling guitar and I'm

very glad I bought it. I'm kind of curious to know what it would sound like with a slightly hotter

humbucker at the bridge so after alot of reading and listening I decided to swap out to a

StewMac Golden Age 12K Bridge. It came a few days ago and I'm going to install it in the next

couple. I'm no stranger to soldering and wiring but I've never done a hollow body before. I searched

the forums here for videos, tips, and/or tricks to no avail. There is alot of reading to be done here

and it's probably an oversight on my part. Can anyone offer any info or links on this site or others

for tips, tricks, or even possibly a video for the operation? I've seen the Seymour Duncan videos

on Youtube but they're for Strat and Les Paul styles with pickguard or access plate installations.



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Thanks a lot Ron G. That video is just what I was looking for. I could watch that kind of

stuff for hours. One down side to your help is, now I'm also thinking about replacing

the other electronics while I'm in there. Where does it stop? Thanks again Ron G.

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