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What Would Happen If.............


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According to Epiphone, the typical Accoustic string sizes that are "factory" sent, are:




I buy Elixirs, (80/20 Bronze Polywebs) and I haven't yet restrung my Hummingbird or my EJ200 (they're THAT new), but will be doing so this weekend, with:




What do you think will be the end result in terms of sound, and fit????


(Obviously I'm most concerned about the 5th and 6th strings).



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I would be more concerned with the additional stress on the neck. Strings of that guage are fine for Resonators, but I would not use that heavy a guage for normal playing. String tension would be great enough so that fretting would be more difficult. I never use strings heavier than .012's. Now that is just my opinion, do what you wish, they are your guitars!

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I put them on both the EJ200 and the Hummingbird, and found that:


A) The pegs were exceptionally hard to remove from the holes

B) One peg had a missing inlay

C) I think the action is higher on the Hummingbird beyond the 7th

fret than I like (was that way even with the old strings) and I'm

not sure how I'm going to fix that without causing a contact

on the 1st fret bar.

D) They both sound BRILLIANT with the Elixirs (of course; their



Time will tell, I guess.




P.S.: As regards Item C.....if you are going to tell me to shim the Nut and adjust the Truss Rod, how much shim would you start with? (.050?)

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