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My new Les Paul Special II - Questions...


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Alright, I know it's not the guitar of most people's dreams (unless one has no guitar at all). I picked it up because I wanted something that could 'go anywhere' under any circumstances and not have to be worried about. (It was either that or a LP Jr., which I coudln't find in person, or a Baldwin/Gibs 'Epoch' - which are probably plywood, and sell for $135 abouts.)


The LPspII was 180. total, no gig-bag. Got it at the GC outside of Greenville, SC - not easy to find, since they have no road-side sign, and their sign above the shop is red on orange brick behind it, and not very big compared to the box-store signs around it. A very invisible store.


But I like that the Special II has the dots, cause every other LPaul I've had has had block markers. The master tone/volume controls are also a nice simplification. Sounds great overdriven and even clean. A little thinner body than a regular LP, feels like. Made in Indo.




Has anyone ever devised a pickguard for this model? I presume it would have to be a stick-on ahesive job that would have to somehow wrap around the volume knob. Lack of a guard is not a big deal, tho.


Also, what size pick-up covers can one get for the humbuckers? In a Stewart-Mac catalog, they sell ones that are 2 inches, as well as ones that are 1 and 15/16ths.


Who else owns one? Nice cheap axe.

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