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Hi everybody,


I'm brand-new to this forum but I wanted to say hi and see what everyone thought of something cool that just happened to me.


I haven't really played anything in about 15 years or so (prior to that I'd played guitar for about 4-5 years), but recently I went to a Sam Ash music store here in GA. It was the grand re-opening on June 26 and I won this guitar they were giving away!


I don't know much about it, so I thought I'd come on here and see if anyone had anything to say about it; so far I'm having fun playing it and re-learning what I used to know. It has a really nice sound but I've never owned an acoustic before, so I wanted to know if there's anything I should know about it.


Anyway, here's a photo of me just after I won, holding the guitar in the middle:




Hope to hear from you all!







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