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My Epiphone SG 310 is very quiet when i turn the distortion off - a question


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I have a Black Epiphone SG 310, i just bought it 3 days ago. The amp i have came with a Peavey Rockmaster starter kit with a Red Peavey Rockmaster guitar. When i turn the Distortion off and i use my peavey Rockmaster i only have to put the volume to 3 and it is loud, but with my Epiphone SG i have to put the volume to 10 to make its sound like a 2 with my Peavey Rockmaster. My Amp is a little Peavey Audition that is 7 Watts 8 Ohms. Yes both my volume dials on my SG 310 are cranked all the way up. I was wondering is that the way it is supposed to be or should i take it back to get looked at...because i have the reciept and everything.

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