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I have an Epiphone EB3 that I purchased new 6 months ago. The tone controls don't make any difference in the sound. The sound is full treble and bass no mater where the tone control is set. Is this typical? I have opened it up and verified the wiring connections. Also, the dealer checked and said everything is in order. The tone pots have .022 mfd caps.

Are there modifications in the wiring that can be made?

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Sorry for the slow reply. The bass forum is pretty empty, not much action.


I'm no expert, but I am sure that the answer to your question is NO. This is not (or should not be) typical for an EB-3 or any bass. Tone controls should change the sounds you're hearing. If not, something is wrong.


I'd suggest taking your bass to a music store, plugging in to one of their amps, and getting a repair person to listen while you play and adjust the controls. Any decent store would be willing to do this for you, especially if they might get some repair business out of it.


If possible, take it back to the store where you purchased it.


And hey, does your EB-3 have that crazy "chicken beak" dial on it? That should be changing the sound if it works properly, no doubt about it!



Here's a nice shot of two old Gibsons. Are your controls like these? Just curious.




Oops. I see from your note that you've already been to the dealer for a check-up. I guess I should have read your question more carefully.

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