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Valve Junior Combo "whistling"


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My epiphone valve junior amp is buzzing... or rather, whistling, on certain notes. It's hard to explain. It almost sounds like it's wheezing.


Sounds like something inside is resonating with lower notes, mostly low E string ones.


I know it's not my guitar (it also buzzed when using a friends) and not the cord (just got a new one). I just recently sent the amp back to epiphone/gibson and they apparently fixed nothing.


Gonna try using it as a head to my friends speaker cabinet to see if it's the speaker that's buzzing.


Any suggestions as to what it might be?

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Sitting to close and you'll get feedback. Mines starts to ring slightly then it gets louder and louder. hold the strings down so they dont move at all and see if it still happens.


Also my Kramer guitar does it more than my lep Paul and i think its because it has a tremelo rather than a fixed bridge and any movenment makes the whole guitar resonate so very slightly causing the amp to hear it.


Its quite bad when the guitar amp is on max and so is the guitar

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