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Supernova Upgrade Electronics Question


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Hey all,


I was hoping to get some opinions about my upgrade dilemma for my Supernova. I want to do a full electronics upgrade (pots, jacks, switches) and replace the 2 pickups, and I want to do it myself. I've read this, and other forums and have gotten good advice about the procedure and avoiding pitfalls.


Ideally, I would like to just buy a pre-wired kit from either Mojotone or RSGuitarworks. (But obviously I'm concerned about the pot sizes and will confirm before I make the purchase.)


My main issue, however, deals with the toggle switch. I'm seriously considering putting the toggle in the standard 335 position on the body (near the pots). I don't like the position on the left horn as it sometimes gets in the way during strumming, and I'm concerned about the extra labor of routing it through the pickup region if I leave it where it is. Of course, if I can't get away with a pre-wired kit and have to do everything from scratch maybe the extra toggle switch labor is not a big deal?


I have no desire to ever sell this guitar, and it's definitely more of a "player" than a "looker". But that doesn't mean I'm necessarily thrilled about having an extra toggle switch, or hole on the left horn.


What do you all think?


Thanks in advance for your replies.

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Strangely enough, the Supernovae are pickling up some momentum in the used market pricewise and as such I'd be very careful about drilling new holes in one, no matter what your plans are with regard to keeping the guitar... plans change over the years.


That being said, you'll have to find some nifty way to camouflage the extra hole; some kind of plug would be the way I'd go, either a wood button or else a little chrome plug like they sell for plugging holes in cars. I found some of these at the local car parts store (Canadian Tire) and they really did the trick when I needed to plug some extraneous holes in an old tube amp I'm currently rebuilding.

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