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mini humms in a standard route suggestions?

Stevie Nazarenie

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This is the only one I know of.




If you want to have one fabricated in plastic, I worked up a drawing that supplies the necessary dimensions.


I've thought that my Epi Sheraton II (currently with Seymour Duncans) would be really cool with a Bigsby and minis, so I spent some time working it up. In the event, I bought a Gibson ES-335, so I'm not sure whether I'll just peddle the Epi or not.

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Minibuckers will fit into regular HB rings. All you need to do is cutout a piece of neoprene, the same size as as the regular HB ring size. After that, cutout the mini hb size rectangle space right in the middle.


Add a small diagonal cut on the corners and that's it. It works perfectly.

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