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Question about LP CUSTOM


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I want to ask you about my guitar.


It is Gibson Les Paul Custom, colour: black, silver(!) hardware, ebony fingerboard, there is no dot in signature/name Gibson on head and Kluson machineheads.


The serial number is under the new paint, so I cant read it, but I can recognize that under the number there is signature "Made in USA"


Can you help me to recognize this guitar? When, where it was made, etc.


I feel that it is rather old guitar....


Thank you very much




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Why is there 'new paint' on the back of the headstock?? That would be one of my first questions. That it covers the serial number and yet you can read the 'made in usa' stamp is another very unusual thing. Old is a relative term. If it has 'Made in the USA' it is post 1969 and not likely worth a lot. Open the control cavity and read the code numbers off the pots. Post the codes here and we might be able to give you a rough idea of when it was made. Also try to get a rubbing of the serial number, just for the heck of it.

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