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Help? Trying to upgrade a low cost Special II


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I recently got a Special Ii Custom Shop deluxe for a $100 worth of records from a friend. Anyway, i figured it wouldn't hurt since the records i traded only cost me $30. So...where was I... oh yea, i was wondering if anyone here could recommend some upgrades.


I know i'm gonna need tuners. While i've never upgraded any of the guitars i've owned as they all came stocked with decent tuners, i don't know where to start. I heard the Grover or SPERZEL aren't too shabby, i'd like to get some feedback from users regarding this.


I'd also like to get some feedback regarding possible nice pickups. I hear the SD Humbuckers sd 1 are quite nice, but i don't really know what the heck to get. I would like a really clean rock tone so to speak.. but also something i can use to play metal since it'd be nice to have as a back-up for my sg (which i need to get a PUP for that as well) I tune to drop C so i'm sure you might get an idea of some of the music i play. I'm into Baroness/torche/kylesa stuff. I really hope this helps.


Any other upgrades i might need?


This is my frist post and i hope I apologize in advance if anything on here is not in the correct forum or whatnot. mod's if so please move to the correct forum and let me know. Thanks



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I also play in Dropped C, although not metal, per se... we're somewhere between 3 Doors Down and Sevendust, stylewise... anyway, I have SD 59's in my Epi Paul, and they are phenominal. The Gibson buckers in my chinese Gibson copy are great too, but probably not worth the extra cash in a Special II. Honestly, you could probably get a set of GFS pickups for the price of one SD and be perfectly happy with them. You can email the guy there for a reccomendation, just describe the tone you want and the guitar you're putting them in, pretty much like you did in this post.


As for tuners, Planet Waves makes a decent set of locking, self-triming tuners that aren't too hard on the wallet... I don't know if they're a drop-in fit though. I haven't used them personally, but I have a friend who swears by them. I think he said they dropped right in his Epi, I don't remember though for sure. Of course, you can ever go wrong with Grovers, either.


you also might want to upgrade the wiring, switch, and pots while you're in there. Pickups and tuners are your real expense, after that pots and wires are nothing, really. And the stock Epi stuff is pretty low end... it never hurts to put decent components in there, especially while you already have the soldering iron heated up...

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