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HNGD - A few weeks ago actually


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Some of you may remember a few months ago that I mentioned that my dad was in the hospital and that I was going to go see him. Well, he had a stroke and I've been here since just after Thanksgiving.

So of course in my few free moments (we have health care people come in twice a day for 4 hour each time to help), I hunted the local pawn shops and music stores.

Found this beauty :


Ok, so it was actually used.

Its a 2001 model and has some nasty buckle rash on the back.

Paid $750 for it, a really nice case included (The old looking brown case). And its not an Epiphone, but at least its a Gibson so its in the same family.

I don't have pictures of it. So this one from MF will have to do.I do have a camera with me, but no computer. Right now I'm at the public library in Canyon Country, Ca.

Mine looks just like it.

I tried my "Patented" pickguard (granite formica), but It doens't look that great. So the white one may be staying.


I got it a place in Santa Clarita Called "Lowes Music". If you are in the area, I highly recomend going there.

Great service and awesome prices. I've even bought a few pedals and the price was lower than GC or MF. One of them I bought was the Boss Super Shifter, which goes for $160 at MF. I paid $130. Also got an MXR EVH Phase 90, MF Price $130. I paid $115.


Anyway, I'll probably be here till at least the end of March.


Have fun all and hopefully I'll be able to get back online here soon.

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