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...that is, Happy New Guitar Pickup Day. Told y'all I might do this a couple threads ago.

Yesterday got the pickup, a McIntyre MB500, for my resonator (steel Dobro). Haven't had the chance to get it installed, so still had to go mic'ed last night. Should be in for the next gig, though. Will keep you posted. Betcha can't wait.

Our warm-up act last night had was playing a Guild F-20 (the old small-bodied--about 00 sized--job. Exact model number may be off) with a Dean Markley soundhole pup--a step-up model from what I'm using. It sounded real poopy. May have been the guitar, may have been the PA settings, may have been the player (not bad, but touching way too lightly--folk singer trying to be a blues babe), but there were just no dynamics to the sound of the guitar, no "bite" to it at all. Point is, now that I'm amplifying, I'm just hoping the sound of my machines isn't coming off like that. So far, I think all is OK when I'm using the DM in the Epi--still sounds like my guitar. Am intrigued by how it'll sound in the tin can.

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Hangpud, phase 2:

Pup is installed. gave it a trial run through a little Roland amp in the luthier's shop. Not specifically an acoustic amp; first ran it through an "acoustic" (among others like "metal", "classic" "British," "Tweed,"etc.) setting and it sounded real bad--like it was trying to be a D28 (fine in and of itself, but NOT the sound for a metal resonator!). Then ran it "clean" and it sounded juuuuuuuust right!

Will try it out in action tonight! That'll be "Hangpud, phase 3."

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