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I bought an Epiphone FT-130 back in the mid-70's, and never bought a hard case, even though they sold it as an option. Instead, I got the cheaper chipboard case. I would like to find a hard case to fit the guitar before I pass it on to my grandchild, but haven't been able to locate one. Obviously, I can get a hard case to fit the guitar, but would like to find one with the Epiphone label. So, if anyone has or knows where to locate one...lemme' know, and I'll pay some bucks...

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I would suggest taking to a Guitar center or other Epiphone or Gibson dealer.


The FT130 has the same body style as the Epiphone EF500M and another EF model whose number I don't remember. Epiphone's product pages no longer show this type of guit tar. However this doesn't mean that it will fit the same case.


See if they have a case it will fit yours start with one that fits the the EF they probably have for an EF or other Epiphone. If getting the Epsilon on the lid is important to you, you may get it to fit inside a Dreadnought sized case.


If the FT130 fits, but moves around inside, stuff the sides with stuffed animals or one of those rolled up sausages of fabric used to keep drafts from coming underneath doors... We call them, in this neck of the woods, draft dodgers. I've often thought if a person would take a tee shirt, stuff the sleeves with filler, then sew the sleeves shut, AND sew some filler in the lower corners of the shirt, kind of in a triangle at the tuck-in end of the tee. One could use this to stuff some padding up at the shoulders and also down at the waist with the Tee shirt graphics in the middle, over the strings. The Tee could be just white, or AC/DC or Johnny Cash or whatever trips your grandson's trigger.


Having said that... is this a playable guitar? The FTs were notorious for having weak necks. When the neck block comes loose, they are un-tunable, let alone playable. Might not be a good idea for a young person just starting out. The neck block can be re-set, reinforced and re-glued... I've done my own FT with great success.

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Not that I'm familiar with an FT130, and I realise that my guitar is not an acoustic, but................I did shell-out for a genuine Epiphone hard case for my LP from Gallins Guitars, here in Melbourne, just a few days ago.

Before you all mention that this is about as much use as an ashtray on a motorbike for someone living far away, in another land, I post this simply to state that it is, IMHO well worth paying any extra for a genuine Epiphone hard case. They are beautifully made and, with mine at least, the main area for the guitar body is cleverly angled slightly, so that the backward angle of the headstock never gets bumped by contact. (This is harder to explain in words and much easier to see when putting the guitar into the case - essentially, it's just one of many measures built-in to keep the guitar very stable & safe)

Plenty of latches/catches to keep your 'precious' nice and secure - just when you think you've unfastened them all......., and other little extra's that make it a stand-out. On all the many lesser priced generic cases I looked at, the angled body cavity of the case, along with many other nice little touches were not a feature. The build quality of the Epiphone case is very high, especially notable when you view several cases, side by side.

On the ticket, the RRP for mine was $175AU, but they gave it to me for $120AU as it was their last one before their next stock order arrived.

I'll post a couple of photos.......but really, I highly recommend the Epi case, and feel sure that whichever one fits your FT150, it will be a purchase well-made.





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This is an early Jap made 6732 which much resembles the FT130, which was probably made on the same fixtures.



The above, fitted, Epiphone case is nice, top of the line actually. But the one for the LP most definitely will not fit the FT130. I bought a Musician's Friend, dreadnaught, case last fall for my Yammahopper and it fits like a glove.


One word of caution about the headstock. If you intend to ship a guit tar or have to put it in checked baggage on an air plane (to be avoided at all costs) Tightly pack the area around the headstock. The Gorillas in shipping can be quite abusive when tossing this 'luggage' around. Heads have been snapped off even while snuggly packed in cases like this. This is caused by whiplash when the case really smacks the tarmack with force. Detuning is probably in order as well.


Another thing about losing sight of your guit tar when having it shipped or checked for a trip. Seal, or lock the case. I've heard of guys de-tuning their beloveded, only to pick it up at the destination to have it tuned to pitch. i.e. someone jammed on it during a coffee break. And... alas.. the Epiphone logo increases the chance for pilferage.

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The Epiphone "EDREAD" case should fit. These are very nice. Like the pic above only for a dreadnought. I have one for my AJ-45. It's black with brown trim and "Epiphone" on the top in gold letters.


Also, as mentioned above, the Musicians Gear dreadnought case at MF should fit. I have the "vintage dreadnought" case for my AJ200SR. It's black with a plush green interior. You can usually find a good deal on "blem" with these at MF.

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