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H.N.A.D to me

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Got my Orange tiny terror today from a shop pretty near me called machinehead in Hitchin. Anyhow they did the best price out of anyone including the net plus they were local so i went there. £292 later i got myself a new amp head!

They also threw in a free head to cab cable :D/


Also picked up a new 12AX7 for my epi Valve junior as the other one seems bad. Havent tested that yet but will let you know.


Anyhow the tiny terror................ what can i say.!


Amazing raw tone. Real thick sounding classic styled distortion. Can do 80's rock like i want pretty well, not perfect but as good as i want for this price. Now 7 watts mode is incredibley loud lots more than my VJ at max (I know its 5 watts so not as loud) and the 15 watt mode is very very loud at home. But hey i tried it, maxed out in my bedroom (12ftx18ft) through a 1x12 and it was to loud to tell how good it was. The space was to small but at least i know the amp has balls!


Can get a lovely clean tone too by rolling back the gain and upping the volume. Ive tried my pedals through it too.


Now the amp up loud with lots of gain is pretty quiet hiss wise but with pedal chain conected is quite noisy even with them off. Spent a while swapping them about and found out that my metal distortion pedal and my phaser are the worst problems. Both are Behringer pedals. Very good pedals just noisy through this amp. Not noisey through my laney =P~

This head seems to like pedals quite well, i had a lovely clean tone then stamped on the marshall guvnor and it sounded great. I find this amp very good and had loads of sounds.


Based on my first day i would recommend it. Also some of you know i have a problem with the amount of treble my guitar has but i found that this amp uses it very well and i found i get the perfect sound i want by rolling of the tone to about 8 on the guitar then it doesnt really affect the neck tone as there both controlled together. The tone control on the amp is very good too. I leave it on half way for gibson BFG but with my Kramer i have it on full as the guitar has dark bassy pickups as std. Every guitar i have tried through this i have loved.


Now the question is............... do i sell my Laney amp and buy a 2x12 avatar cab instead of using the laney speaker??

If i do will sound better at home for sure just id have to use the Valve junior combo as the speaker if i went to my mates to jam as getting the 2x12 out of my place isnt to practical. We dont play loud no more tho as his neighbours arent to impressed so would be half volume at max on the 7 watt mode.


Cheers for reading my rubbish above. Like i say will put up pics tommorrow for you!!


Will put up pics tommorrow.

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