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A trapeze tail.. on an Explorer?!


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So I just ordered a chrome bridge and stoptail for my explorer as I plan on replacing all the black hardware with chrome for a sharper look, and I got to thinking; would it be possible to install a trapeze tail piece, presumably by flattening the 90° angle at the strap button end, or getting the kind that hinges there and just mounting it to the top of the guitar? I figure the arched top of arch tops and Lesters provides enough string-break-angle over the bridge for it to be feasible, but then I've seen flat-tops with them on too. Maybe that's the oldschool bridge standing high enough for it to work? :D


It'd certainly be unique. =D>/


Any thoughts?

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Guest icantbuyafender

now if we can only find one for my V!


oh and I succumbed to the emg hype. I had left over 60/81?(bridge) from when I got this V back in '99. well I put em in and like them. I needed a heavier mid scooped sound for when I fill in for a friend of mine's band. never thought I'd like em. odd.

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