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Newbie in need of help with guitar.

Valthinos keabard

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Your guitar was made at the

Deawon Plant, China

July 2004

Production Number: 2134


Daewon Musical Instrument Co., ltd. Established in Kyunggi-do, Korea in 1991. Established Daewon China factory in Dalian, Northern China In 2001.









Is this what it is ?








There was a 1967 Flying V as well ........ ebony or arctic white



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According to the "09 VG price guide, your Epi FV ('58 Specs) could get between $400 - $475. This is based on degree of EXC. cond. If it doesn't fit in the EXC cond. range, then you may have to take $100 - $200 less. Keep in mind, that you can buy a new Korina Flying V ('58 Specs) for $499.00.



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