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Epiphone (Gibson) has let ME down....


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Yes, as well as many others......it is really too bad.....over the past weekend I was lucky enough to get to see and play a couple of pre-2000 les paul juniors. The quality control in my opinion was BETTER then, the guitars were BETTER then. I also made a trip to a few guitar centers and saw a NEW LP junior with humbucker for sale for $119.......I played it and was really surprised that it sounded good and played well. The Les Paul and SG Juniors were good guitars and now they are in demand. You can';t buy them anymore unless you get a good used one.

The newer Epiphones, whatever the model are not made as well and you have to modify them anyway to sound good.

I have a 1997 SG junior with dog ear P90.....NEEDS NOTHING.....it is a VERY WELL MADE guitar. I looked ALL OVER for an older LP junior.........even the ones with the humbuckers......not many around. The ones I did see on Craigslist were averaging about $75 apiece for a used one. With humbucker. The P90 ones....forget it! There are very few. And one guy is asking $250!!!!!! I compared a NEW Epi Les Paul Custom and an Agile, similar model......the Agiles are made much better and really don't need any mods. Well I guess you get good ones and bad ones regardless of manufacturer. There is a GLUT of Epi LP Standards out there selling for around $300 to $350.....I have an LP Classic and REPLACED the pickups with Humbucker sized pseudo P90's........MUCH BETTER. So Epiphone, PLEASE think about the LP and SG juniors.....we WANT them!!!!

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