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speaker/cab choice for modelling amps (behringer v amp)

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My mate has a behringer vamp unit and is running it through a crappy old 1x12 with a celestion super 65 speaker and hes selling all his gear s he can get what he wants.


Hes gonna keep the amp and getting a fender jaguar with single coils and needs a cab to go with it.


He likes stereophonics sound and also likes classic rock such as led zeplin and acdc.


Any ideas on what cab would be good for this setup or what speaker type?


I said to him to get a good acdc tone you really need humbucklers but he said more for the stereophonics sound. Something which can do that and classic rock and up to metal. (Not ideal with single coils i guess but thats up to him!)


He said a good crunchy rock sound is what he wants.


I dont have a clue what speakers would be good for this modelling amp tho.


Any help would be good.


Also he wont sell the behringer as he loves it for some reason???

Its not my cup of tea but it does do everytrhing and with loads of effects too.



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