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Can anyone recommend a pick-up for an Epi 'Dove'


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Hi all, just looking to add a cheapish 'pick-up' to my new Epiphone 'Dove' acoustic - has anyone recently purchased or added a pick-up to their acoustic Dove and if so, what model/ brand have you gone for and are you satisfied with the results etc? Can anyone recommend a product that would be suitable and easy to fit.


Also, while I'm on, I would like to know if anyone can shed a bit of light of my new 'Dove' acoustic - Its a 2008 model and it states on the headstock - Made in Indonesia. I thought all new Epi models where made in China now??? Any info please let me know.





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Hi Paul


I have a H'bird which has an Artec under-saddle pickup and end-pin preamp which cost around £30 all-in. Perfectly usable sound (I gig regularly). I have used an Artec magnetic soundhole pickup too and found that to be good value also. You can find them on ebay all the time.


Put your Doves serial no. in the 'Guitar dater' (google it!) and it should tell all.

Meanwhile, enjoy your dove!


All the best


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