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Replacement Pickguard/Scratchplate Epiphone Supernova

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Hello there.


I know that this is a topic which has been raised on here before by another user, but I'm looking for a replacement pickguard for my 1997 Epiphone Supernova. Unfortunately, when I bought the guitar, the original was missing.


I was wondering if there was anyone out there who either knew of anywhere to get hold of an original one, with Noels Signature on it, or even sell me theirs.


I'm not particularily interested in custom or aftermarket parts, as I know that this has been suggested before. I really would like to be able to take this guitar back to exactly how it came out of the factory. Hopefully there is some kind person out there that can help me out on this, as I've literally scoured into the deepest corners of the internet to try and find a replacement.


I'm keeping my fingers crossed on this one, although I'm not optimistic :-$

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Hello. I know that this is a really old topic but I was looking for the same pickguard replacement for my Supernova Union Jack.

Can u pls give me some infos on where to find it? I've been unable to do it in any internet shop or ebay.



Unfortunately, the Rosetti site that is mentioned above used to sell these, but doesn't anymore. I believe they used to be the UK supplier for Epiphone spares.


Supernova pickguards do occasionally come up on ebay, so hopefully you will be able to source one from there. Be prepared to possibly pay over the odds though. Epiphone aren't in to making spares, so for guitars with unique parts like this, spares just become more and more rare.


Sorry I can't help you, although a year on and I do still have my Supernova [thumbup]

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