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Les Paul 100 Action


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Hey guys, I have a new Epi Les Paul 100... And I noticed that the action is slightly too low. (As it creates a slight buzzing sound up to the 5th or so fret).


I've got a couple of questions:


And I'm fairly new to guitars so bear with me here :-k


- Is that actually what it's meant to be like?


- Should I adjust it myself?


- Or should I go to the dealer?




- Joe

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Ok. Here's a link to a post I made a little while back about setting the action on your guitar. Check it like I've said in this thread, if it needs the truss rod adjusted and you are going to try to do it yourself, BE CAREFUL! The rod is a small diameter and as such can be broken fairly easy!Don't force it. Also, when looking DOWN the neck from the headstock to the body, (you'll be looking at the end of the truss rod) turning the truss rod nut CLOCKWISE (RH) will pull the top of the neck toward the rear of the guitar, REDUCING the bow & clearance under the strings, counterclockwise (LH) will INCREASE the bow & clearance.


E-Series SG Bully set up question


See if this helps any.

If you need more help PM me.

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