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WildKat pup upgrade questions


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Hi, I am new to the forum and maybe this has been answered before. I have a Black WildKat that I really Like. But I wanted to replaced the P90's with a set of Seymour Duncan's Stacked P90's. I had a couple of problem this weekend when trying swap them out. 1st. problem was the wiring. These pups have 4 wires and the old ones have only 2 wires (plus the ground) I figure out that you have to solder to White, green, black and ground all together and solder the reds together. This was the only way I could get them to work. However I am not really pleased with the sound. Do I have to change out the pots and Caps to get a good sound? I found the wiring diagrams for the SD pups and the wildkat but I not sure if I have it connect correct. The second problem was the neck pickup space was to shallow to accept the SD's I had to drill out the bottom to get to sit down low enought to not hit the strings. I also had to unsolder the epi p90 cover and drill out the holes to cover the SD's Neck. Any help would be great.

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That is definitely nor right.


Red+White of a SD go together unless you want to fiddle with pickup Phase/Split/Serie/Parallel switcheroo.

Green+bare to the back of the pot.

Black is the socalled Hot or Signal.

Most pickup manufacturers each have their own wiring colourcode. Something to keep in mind for the next time.


I'd leave the pots and caps for now unless they had issues before you bought the replacement SDs?


Which wiring schematic are you using?


Epi pickup polespacing is metric and compensated for position, meaning the bridge poles are further apart than the neck polepieces. Something you need to consider when ordering replacement covers.


[Edit]My bad...the above wiring code is for a SD humbucker!

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I found the wiring diagram for the Wildkat and the seymour duncan P-90 and you are correct. I need to change it to red and black from the PUP connect to the red and green ,white and ground to the black. Thats why it doesn't sound good , I have it split. Thanks for the help.

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