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Epiphone newb wants advice


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Hi everybody! This is my first post on this forum and I'll try to cut to the chase. I'm a relatively serious guitar player (well I don't take myself that seriously actually but I just mean I know my way around the guitar), have played for about fifteen years, and that said am wanting to buy a casino mostly for Beatles nostalgic purposes which might be kind of lame but that's what it is. I really dig the Beatles mid period and I want one of those basic Epiphone Casinos in vintage sunburst that I see on the Sam Ash website for around $600.


I want a good casino that is at least pretty close to what the Beatles had as far as looks and sound goes but I don't really want to spend $1000+ so I guess my main question is how close is this basic model to what the Beatles had?


Thank you!

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In terms of appearance it's pretty well right on the money. Other than that, the guitar is made in China, whereas the 'Beatle' Casinos were US made, so they're essentially completely different. That said, I own a MIC Casino myself, and I absolutely love it. It certainly sounds like the guitar you hear on Beatles recordings, and if you're not willing to spend a whole heap on a Casino, and aren't too hung up on where a guitar is made, the MIC is more than adequate.


The thing with the Casino is that they're all great. The standard Casino, Inspired by, Elitist, and Revolution guitars are all great pieces of kit, and you'll probably be happy with any one of them.


Here's my 'plain jane' Made In China Casino.



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