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My 4 Epis


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Well, here's my Epiphone Family Photo:






In order of purchase:


Casino -- can do Beatles and a hell of a lot more. Really rips. Great rock and roll guitar


John Lennon EJ-160E -- I have Pyramid flatwounds on it and it plays Beatle tones. Doesn't sound good doing other acoustic music. For Beatle lovers only.


Limited Edition 1966 G-400 -- satisfied my need for a Gibson SG. Good guitar, so good I may never get myself the Gibson


Inspired By Texan -- great, great acoustic guitar. Yes, it does Paul's Beatle stuff...and soooooo much more. Very crisp and bright. My idea of a perfect acoustic guitar.


All I desire is the Inspired by Lennon Casino in natural finish. Maybe next year and my Epiphone collection is complete.

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