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firebird studio pickup change advice


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Need some advice about a pickup change on my firebird studio. Have been playing a korean epiphone riviera with mini humbuckers for about the last five years. I am completely happy with the sound. The other week i decided it was about time i went out and purchased a new guitar hence the firebird but i cant stand the full size humbucker sound!!! Far too bassy/muddy for my taste, if im playing some really dirty heavy rock riffs with our other guitarist who happens to play with full size humbukers we are not defined enough to let each guitar shine through.


I was thinking about either dimarzio hot mini firebird humbuckers(which i realize are different in sound to my mini humbuckers)




seymour duncan p-rails but just using the p-90 (because i cant find phatcats!)


The problems i have is that im living in china and access to pickups and guitars for me to test to see which sound i am happy with is very limited!!!! so basically i cant test the sound before i buy!! so which do you think will be closer to the sound i had before? use is mainly for the bridge pickup.



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A long term project of mine to one day own a decent fixed neck Firebird it is guitar 5 of the five guitars I want have on my affordable hit list.


I have done a lot of research and I will go for Lollar Firebirds can't find on the net one bad word about them.


You might find this interesting being a Firebird owner.




Also many Johnny Winter videos on youtube will give you an idea of what a real Firebird should sound like.


To me it defeats the object of what a Firebird is if they put full sized mudbuckers in it.


I think it is aimed at those who want a cool looking guitar, but what we really want is for it to perform and sound like a Firebird.

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