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CS-356 tones


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It's a little maddening (and not what I'm used to from other forums), but there doesn't seem to be an easy way to link to another thread.


Perhaps this will work: from the "Custom Collection" root folder scroll down until you see a drop down box on the left that says "Show Topics" from <x> date. Change it to "All".


Or maybe this link will work after all


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Hey, you're getting a lot of great tones out of that 356. Very cool. I especially like some of the cleaner sounds, esp. going through the Womanizer -- which I recall asking you about some time ago.


There's a recognizable 356 sound: woody, yet present, clear, and articulate; slightly more brash than a 335.


And I'm in envy of the finish on your guitar. It's gorgeous. I've got the cherry, which I like, but I tend more toward the light sunburst designs.


Great guitar, either way.


Interesting to note: I was perusing a 2008 guitar pricing guide yesterday. You know, vintage Strats for $28K, that kind of thing. I was surprised to see used CS-356s priced at around $2,000. Maybe because they're not yet "vintage." Still, I have little doubt that these will accrue in value significantly over the years.

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Looking for the "Impressions of the 336/356" thread' date=' but not finding.[/quote']


Hey tlathrop--


At the bottom of the main page in each sub-forum folder, there is a drop-down box labeled "Show Topics" that you can click on to pick different time spans. The default setting is to show only the threads of the last week, but there are several other options of various time-lengths, including to show all threads ever posted. The "Impressions of the 336/356" thread is at least two or three weeks old so it is hidden under the default setting.


I encourage you to find it because clayville did post a link to some very nice tracks that he recorded.




P.S. Edit--I just saw that clayville already posted a version of this information. My apologies for the repetition.

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