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Korean Samick Sheraton II Bridge


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Howdy All,


I'm new to the forum and am in a bit of a bind. I own a 1999 Korean Samick Sheraton II and recently broke one of the saddle screws in the T-O-M bridge. Does anyone know of where I might be able to find a replacement screw and c-clip? I've been doing some research on my own and TWANG was kind enough to even offer to send me one of his, but none of his matched.


This particular bridge seems to very unique. The screw in question is 19mm in overall length. The threaded portion of the screw is about 9mm. The head of the screw is about 4 or 5mm and there is a section between the head and the threaded portion where the C-clip attaches.


I have attached some pictures to make it easier to visualize what I have just described.






If anyone has any suggestions about where I might be able to order some replacements (or perhaps you have some extras laying around that you might be willing to send me) I would GREATLY appreciate you letting me know!


Thanks for the consideration.



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Hi there,


Great era for sheratons (I have a 2000) but a problem with bridge, it's pretty unique.


I've just renovated all the gold hardware for silver on mine including a repalcement bridge. I had a big job finding a replacement for it. I think you may have to do the same as the if the bridge was hard to find, the screw for a saddle with likely be impossible I'm sorry to say. Try WD music online, they are the only people with a bridge to fit the post spacing, also unique on samick sheratons. Make sure you tell them it's a korean sheraton, I think the part is B3 something and not B2 which is the later one.


Even this was just out out but 1/8th inch but it went in with persuasion. Then the action is a little high because the original recesses onto the screws, the replacement does not.


Sorry to sound negative, just talking from recent experience.


good luck.



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