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The bolt-on neck on my bass has "STEINBERGER USA N115" stamped into it. I've never known the original date and location; I presume, by what I read on the Serial # Database" link that it's a Newburgh assembly, but not sure of the year.


If anyone has any other links or info, that would be great. Thanks!

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Well, the L-type list shows #114 and #116 in 1982, but at this time bolt-on models didn't exist yet, I believe. What type is your bass? XP2? Then I'd think 1983 could be a plausible date, and Newburgh is the place of manufacturing.


The list of serials (and the whole SteinbergerWorld website) are maintained by Andy Yakubik. If you hope to find more information, then you could probably ask him (via the "Links & Credits" page on the SW website). SteinbergerWorld contains the most comprehensive information about Steinies on the whole web, so if you don't find your answer there, I doubt you'll find it anywhere.


One last option you could also try is contacting Gibson service. I did this once regarding a Newburgh GM, but even they didn't have a complete SN list, and were only able to date it by a range of numbers. As I already said, the original production logs haven't been complete.



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3 hours ago, Bobbit Nepo said:

Hello. I just brought in my Steinberger L2 black bass graphite SN-N1008. Hoping I could get it registered in existence. Its now here in Winnipeg, Canada. Thank you.


The list at SteinbergerWorld  is old, no longer updated. Its successor on the headless-europe.eu website is still continuously updated. The L2 bass with the serial number 1008 is already in the list. L-type instruments don't have a prefix (N or TN). Just the number. Is there anything you'd like to add to the existing entry?

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