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Sheptones or SH1/SH4

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Hey guys. I did a quick search here and in google, but to no avail I couldn't find any topics relating to the Sheptone pickups and the Seymour Duncan SH-1s and JBs.


I'm looking into upgrading the stock pickups on my Epiphone Explorer 58 reissue. I play mostly from classic/soft rock to a harder/grungy rock, and I plan on wiring my guitar for Split/Series/Parallel.

I regret not doing more research before I special ordered the SH-1 neck pups at a shop. I still haven't picked it up yet, but I just recently discovered Sheptones.


How are the SH-1 neck pups compared to the Sheptone Tributes or any of the other Sheptones? So far I've noticed in videos that the Sheptones seem to be clearer and more articulate.


I was looking into the JBs for my bridge, but I think I might go with a hotter Sheptone pup.


The amp I'm playing through now is Raven 6 RG60 (guitar center brand), but it's giving me a good clean tone from my guitar other than a slight muddiness. I do plan on upgrading to a tube amp when I save up and getting a pedal for the dirtier/hotter stuff, but for the most part I'm open minded with amps while I just want my guitar's PUPs to be clear, smooth, and crunchy/hot when I need them.


So what are your guy's opinions/experiences on Sheptones compared to Seymour Duncans?

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