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Any Market for 1 of 300 Lifeson?


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Well, I'm sick and had to take a medical leave when employers are just looking for a reason to RIF us over 50'ers so I thought I would test the waters on how many would be interested in picking up a Lifeson, AL230 to be exact, ES-355? Since we don't live in debt and have plenty of savings I will not HAVE to get rid of this or any other guitar I own [thankfully] so I am not going to give it away and these were $3700 new. Just testing the waters to see if there is interest?


I have put in locking tuners and a roller bridge on this wonderful guitar because it has the same problems that Alex even admits his has in that, with the Maestro Tremolo, the thing won't stay in tune for 10 minutes without them. Since the changes, it now stays in tune just fine. Of course, I would include the stock tuners and bridge in the deal. There is also slight primer bleed through in just a couple of areas on the white neck as unfortunately happens with about any white guitar.


You are welcome to PM me, but please just reply to this thread as well so others can see the relative interest [if any].


Of course I can provide all the pics anyone would need to make an informed decision if it even comes to that and I'll move this down to the "for sale" forum if so. Naturally, if there's not much interest or not much "serious" interest, then that also tells me what I need to know.


Want a 1 of 300 Lifeson, ES-355? They are absolutely a tone monster. I will miss this guitar!



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