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Blueshawk neck pup


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I'm new to this Forum and, on another sub-forum, had asked for help with my BluesHawk neck pickup . After I found the solution and posted it, someone suggested it would be better to post it here. Thanks, Andrew.


AndrewS, on 23 November 2010 - 06:26 AM, said:


Hi, I was adjusting the pickup height on my blueshawk yesterday and have the same problem with my bridge pickup, although one of the screws seems to be engaged but the other isn't so it's 'half loose'. If you work it out or if anyone's got any tips then I'd appreciate them too! Try as I might I can't seem to get the screw re-engaged






Andrew and all,


Never thought I'd be able to give instructions on anything technical, I'm so new to guitar tech and brand new to Blueshawks. But I solved the problem and I hope this helps.


Remove the strings and loosen the one gold screw that's still engaged. Gently lift the pickup out of the cavity...it will remain connected via a wire on the hi-E side...but there's enough play in the wire to turn the pup and rest it on the hi-E side of the body.

Each of the two screws has a spring on it which stayed in place for me.


What you see in the bottom of the cavity (a flashlight helps) is two holes in the Poplar. Each hole should have what I'll call a brass "sleeve" embedded. It'll be apparent that the two screws screw into the centers of these sleeves. In my case, these sleeves had come out of the wood and remained on the screws. I just unscrewed them and pressed them back into the wooden holes with the tip of my little finger. I then tapped, tapped them down flush with the tip of a round file and a little hammer.


(If your sleeves are very loose in the wood, maybe some wood glue would be in order...thoughts anyone?)


When I put the pup back in place, the sleeves held tight and the screws went into them just fine. I think the previous owner had tightened the screws down too hard and this tangled the "sleeves" in the springs. Then the owner tried to loosen the screws and they just pulled the "sleeves" out of the Poplar.


As I said, I'm so new to guitar tech that I hesitated to tackle this, but James St. James who posts on this Forum coached me and he was right on the money...thank you, James!





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