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Need help from Epiphone/Gibson Customer Service


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I have an Epiphone Masterbilt EF-500R guitar.

Can't find a case for it anywhere in stock.

When I am looking for a case for this guitar, what body style should I be looking for?

Is it an 00 style? An 000 style? An 0M style?


What is the accurate body size designation for this guitar?





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And that exactly why I said you are going to find trouble with almost all cases, the 14th fret attachment at the body plus the headstock makes finding a OM case to work impossible, I already knew that it has a thinner design and smaller body. You may get lucky and find an older PR-6S soft shell case ( which were pretty strong ) but after all the searching I had done I just don't think they ever made any extra's that were sold seperately from their guitars ( they sold them together as guitar and case ) its the only (case) thing short of having a custom case made for it and then it becomes just silly to spend that much for a Masterbilt guitar, so good luck Len.Ship...................ps I modified a Dread case by removing the bottom and adding more support to the bottom [ hard foam ] ( so the neck aligned closer to the top plate ) and removed the sides and carved the shape of the body for the sides and re-upolstered the lining. and thats just me, if I can't find it I make it.

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