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Wonder if anyone has got his/her Epiphone AFD Les Paul ?? And if you do where are you located ??



/A pissed MadMad


mine arrived yesterday, its an awesome piece of gear too. perfect finish, well put together. A mile ahead of the other epi LP I have. I'm in oz but got it shipped from the US.

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I'm from Portugal and I've reserved an AFD this days! I hope it can come soon... next weeks would be great!


I want to know how it is the guitar behavior? What's your amp? Can you get really that Slash sound with it?


I have a Epi LP Special II and although it's a rucky's guitar I'm happy with it!


Saw Slash's concert here in Portugal, last June... great concert! I've become a fan of him, although I loved GnR since my 16 years (I'm 35 now)!


Tell me your experience with the AFD! Thanks!


PS. Sorry for my bad... bad english!

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Thanks for the reply .. I ordered my Slash AFD LP feels like ages ago, but it was about 4 months ago. First I was told that last week of October then middle of November and no, no one has a clue. So im getting more and more pissed




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