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Gibson ES 335 best place to buy it what should I pay?


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Hi I sold my 67 Gibson ES 335 Sunburst in the 80's for college tuition. I am finally ready for another but now sure what to pay or who to buy it from. Any good trusted links out there and any idea what I should pay? I am not interested in going over 3K and I prefer around 1.5K US dollars if possible. I look on eBay and craigslist. I know I won't find the same 67 for under 5K maybe I should buy a newer 335? Any thoughts?


BTW I have a very nice Gibson EB 1968 I think, is this a base I can trade with cash? What is the value of the EB I have the bridge plate w/violin head stock, never ever damaged. Should I take the EB to a guitar store who sells 335's if so I know they will low ball me so how do I approach that?


Thanks Grunthaner

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First of all, I'd say you should shop around and try as many examples as you can get your hands on. Are there many guitar shops in your area? There are more options than ever these days, with all the reissues that have come out (including newer models, variations on the 335 design, the 345 and 355, etc). You might even want to try out an Epiphone Riviera (the mini-humbuckers are a nice change of pace, tonally) or a Sheraton.


You can get some idea of the value of your bass by checking completed auctions on ebay. You can also search GBase, which will give you an idea of what dealers are asking: GBase.com


You can also do a general web search (google, or whatever); or, try your local Craigslist ads.

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