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EVJ which way do I go 4 recording guitars making album?


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Hi everyone


Ok now seriously. Im torn!!!!! [cursing] !


I have 2 different EVJ!


The first one I bought is the 112 cab and head extension with 4, 8 16 ohm. And of course it has a 12" lady luck speaker in it I dont care for. No offense Epiphone still lov [love] e ya!



The 2nd one I bought and paid a small fortune for (now i feel like i got ripped off, oh well live ](*,) n learn)


is the EVJ with 8" speaker in it and Modded of course.


I also dont have the 3rd tube 6v6 that of course they come up with after I bought mine...


Most importantly! Im recording my album with pro tools 9. As you know we all want the best tones with :-({|= in our means...


Im using a shure sm57 on amp when recordi \:D/ ng so u all know.


Am I better off keeping my 112 cab n seperate head and modding that head? Which will be another expense I cant affor to do right now but maybe more importanly have to do for best end result!


Or keep the modded one I have for best guitar tone recording? And do one of the the two following options?


What started me on all of this in the first place was to simply upgrade my speaker. I thought Ill get a Celestion Vintage 30 or a greenback or a blue... But now I think this is my fav if I were to geta 12" speaker. Is the Jensen P12 N vintage.


Check it out heres a link.



I did my own test on my two EVJ's heres what I discovered.


When I plug my EVJ cab with 12" lady luck 16 ohm into my EVJ modded 4 ohm theres a big difference. Its like all the gain got sucked out of the speaker and I have to turn up head at least a third higher to compete with Modded [thumbdn] head when knobs at same volume setting...


When I play thru modded EVJ with its crappy 8" generic speaker it sounds louder like I said above and the notes more defined, sparklier and a little warmer =D> n sweeter which I always want...


Then I say well just swap out the generic speaker for the Jensen PR8 4/8 ohm. Or since this EVJ modded is only 4ohm capable do I get the jensen PR8 4ohm only? Hmmm???


Im new to playing guitar and all the scenerios that come with guitar amps n heads ect so please bare with me bro's... I just want to make sure Im giving myself best chance to record best tone of course.


So is it better when recording guitars to use the EVJ modded with a jensen 12 N speaker if so that means Ill have to swap out 12" speaker no biggie...


Im just worried about finding out after expense and effort n time it sounds only a little better than that frigin crappy 8" generic speaker a [woot] gain. Then of course Ill be bummed... lol


Or do I just swap out EVJ modded version with crappy generic 8' and pop in jenson PR8, and call it a day?



Actually what about poping in a jensen 10" speaker looks like there might be just enough room to pull this off?


Can anyone please tell me will the difference between an 8" and a 12" make all the difference in the tone world world when makin +:-@ g record? Or will it be minimal?


Please advise?


Thank you



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Do not run the Mod.EVJ 4ohm outlet with anything other than a 4ohm speaker. You might be able to run 6ohm (3x8ohm s&p), but /not/ 16ohm. Same with the EVJh, match speaker impedance to outlet.



For recording? You are trying to get the best sound, you have been comparing speakers (there's an expensive hobby). To get a better sound: get a better amp.

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