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When is Gibson going to start manufacturing Pickups with connectors, so we can take advantage of the PCB installed in the 08 Standard etc?


I know we can still change then by cutting wires and solder, but seam mad, when the PCB has simple connectors. Surely they would be simple to produce, boost Gibson`s revenue and empower us to tray different options, without getting a tech involved. Unwanted ones could be sold on sites like ebay, giving us a safe and easy way to obtain the desired tone.


I noticed some asked a similar question back in June on the CEO Forum, which was followed by: "we are working on it". 5 months on, I don't believe there are any on the market. I tried to follow that up, but although I am now registered, it would not let me create a new post! Possibly because it needs some king of email confirmation first or they are trying to limit the number of new topics.


Maybe someone could create a business making them! I for one would be interested and if move from an exclusive Gibson product to the entire market. But I expect Gibson have some king of legal protection preventing others, although they are no rush to provide there loyal customers with this service.


Maybe I am the one feels this way, so I will stop now.


All the best

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