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Tuners for EB-0 "slot-head"


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I have an old EB-0, with the "slot" or "split" style headstock, that has been stripped of all it's hardware. I can replace most of the missing bits with parts available in the aftermarket. I also found a used pickup online that fits this model (it even has the "Gibson" engraved cover).


However, I cannot find a set of tuners for this bass. I have asked, and it seems that these slot-head instruments (I believe Gibson used the same style head on guitars as well as basses between '70 and '72) used a tuner called the Schaller M-4-C Classic. It seems like they made these out of 100% pure Unobtanium. I can't find any for sale anywhere.


Can someone help me find a source for these parts?

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The Schaller Website shows replacements, but I think your tuners have the mounting tab for the screw facing at a 90 degree angle from the tuner button. These are showing to be at about a 180 degree angle (M4CH2000A). But it says they have 3 different housings, looks like you need the "J" Style housing, 90 degree.


I've seen that page. Unfortunately the drawings show that these do not have slot-head style string posts. The M4C 2000 has the same diameter posts and the M4C Classic, but they're too short, and have a slot in the end, instead of a hole in the middle.


This picture at Fly Guitars will show you what I mean.

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