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in need of robot parts.???


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purchased a first run limited edition blue silver burst robot from a guy new in the box never opened cause i got a great deal on it. broke a tuner by accident found a guy on ebay selling robot kits and parts from germany. asked him how it was he was able to get parts but gibson could not and that some people had been waiting 2 years and still no parts.

well he claimed to be an employee of tronical we talked further and he emailed me pictures of boxes of robot parts new in boxes so i purchsed a set of tuners from him a mkc knob the tuner plate a battery and a mother board for 225. when it arrived sure enough it was all sealed in factory packages

he goes by the name of guenther5508 he sells complete robot kits for 599 and less or individual parts .

thought id post this here incase anyone was still needing parts. he helped me .

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