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Ed G

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I have just acquired an ES125CD, but am confused about the date of manufacture. The serial number, stamped on the back of the headstock, is 354840. A records search shows that this s/n was made in 1965, but all of the other records I have seen indicate that the ES125CD was only released in 1966. Can anyone comment on this or help me validate?


Also, I would like to know of any sources for a pickguard for this guitar. The original has been replaced by a homemade, clear plexiglass one.




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Gibson serial numbers from the early 60s to mid 70s can be confusing and misleading. Your best bet would be to either remove a volume or tone pot to see the code, or view it with an inspection mirror if you're lucky enough to pull it off.


Pretty standard info here, but just in case you don't already know: The volume and tone controls have a date code stamped on them. The first three numbers are likely to be 137 or 304, which is a code indicating the manufacturer. The next two digits (since 1960 anyway) are the year... 65,66, etc. The last two digits are the week of that year.


You'll have to use your own judgement because pots could have been stockpiled for months before being used in a guitar, or they may have been used a half hour after they were delivered. It will get you into the ballpark anyway, and will help by the process of elimination... a serial number might indicate 1965 but the pots are dated the 10th week of 1966.


Of course if the pots have been replaced, it all goes out the window.




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