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I wouldn't purchase or play anything other than Gibson. I have several questions to ask about the Gibson equipment that I currently own. I was wondering if you can help me with some history of the guitars that I own, mostly because of their great performance, reaction and tone.


Own (2) Gibson U2, (1)"Showcase Edition" 1 of 200, SN: 80119700. I understand the serial number process but unsure of exactly how many of these were created... 1 of 200 of the U2, or 1 of 200 of the entire 9 units that were showcased in 1989? and 1)SN: 91231715, I was told this unit was the last U2 ever made.


I also own a "Gibson Custom Shop Edition" U2 Bass, SN: 82116504. I believe it to be a U2... I've never seen or heard of anything like it. It looks just like the early U2 guitars with exception of being a bass guitar. Very cool and nbice playability.


I also own a re-issue of the "55" Les Paul flat, SN: 70558014. I realize this is a re-issue, but I have never seen another "78" flat top.


Any information on this equipment; engineers, designers, history, value, etc would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks for you help, Angry_Clown dwmt@netzero.com

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