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  1. Well everyone, thank you for the hellos and comments! It was great seeing all of you again (regardless if it's the last time or not). When/If I record that album dream of mine, this will be the first place I'll share it. I'll try to play more guitar, I was getting pretty good at finger picking... I'll see you guys around!
  2. I had a stint at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. DOE is fun, until you run out of grant money and you need to find a new job. Not fun... Agreed. Call your luthier, or maybe find a new one? Or you could just learn to fix it yourself...that's hard though. Agreed, this post makes me feel all warm inside. 🤭. I'll get back to it one day. W0w man, fancing seeing y0u here. Farnsbarns is a name I haven't seen in a long time. Well... So many names, so many memories! I wasn't aware 4Hayden was ill. Forums come and go, nothing lasts forever on the internet except the screenshots of the past. And AOL, that'll last forever. Thanks man!
  3. Hey man, did you ever use those components I sent you a couple years ago? Death is still my favorite band. World Circus is a great album, but Think This is superior in every way to my ears. I never knew about the background vocals from Chuck! Here's one of my favorite albums of the year, a thrash masterpiece from Demoniac in Chile! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uE6-_vod3lE
  4. Thanks! Great to see you saturn! Thanks! I'll be popping in every so often. Bridge of Sighs is a great album. There is a connecting building bridge in NYC called the Bridge of Sighs as criminals always pass the bridge towards prison...and sigh along the way. The bridge is not Italian Glad you enjoyed the song, it's my favorite Trower song! I remember that dude too One of the aspects that education cannot teach its students, is that career paths are never linear. Thanks! Don't worry, I have an Epi acoustic for occasions just like that. Glad to hear you working out the kinks of your stroke. Thank you, Doctor Dem00n has an interesting kick to it... This place kept me more busy then school ever did... Great to see you too ZenKen. About that will... They sure were...
  5. Hello everyone, My name is dem00n. The number of posts on the left may imply that I was once an extremely active poster on these forums. I'm at an odd mood, I felt it was important to come back and make a thread, even if it doesn't really matter to anyone but me. I'm simply here to say, that these forums have shaped the very individual I am today. On December 27th, 2008 I joined this place at thirteen years old, I didn't even own a Gibson. I learned more here then I ever did in middle school or high school. I raised hell, made friends with a bunch of old dudes and spread my opinions like wild fire. It was home for a number of years. I tapered off around 2013, as I entered my undergraduate studies, occasionally coming back to the familiarity of this place, just to feel good. I may have spent more time on here then I did ever playing my guitar. I never was that good, but I enjoyed playing. One of my dreams is to released an album, just one - don't even need to play live or nothing.... However, I can truly pinpoint how this place changed my life. It was in these forums that I discovered the DIY effect pedal scene. It was the electronics that led me into Electrical Engineering, then leading to Mechatronics Engineering, which is what I ended up graduating in. After a quick stint in a national lab, I went for a PhD in Electrical Engineering, focusing on biomedical applications. I'm still completing my PhD, I'm almost done! 😫 This place means a lot to me, and I'm sure if you're reading this, this place means a lot to you as well. I know I won't be active here ever again, because I simply don't play as I used to and to be perfectly honest, my interests have changed. I still own my 59' ES-125T and my Melody Maker. At least my grammar has approved since 2008, or maybe it hasn't. Oh...and EMG pickups still suck, this is a constant truth. I love you all, even if I don't know who you are.
  6. A full fledged adult? I wish.
  7. Heh... Think ES 335 and you got a Colt. Ever handled one of those? That's the Colt right there, tired and true. Edit: Now that I really think of it, the Colt had a slimmer waste, but it felt like an ES-335. My 59' ES-125T is similar, but still larger than the Colt.
  8. I remember when these were on sale at your local Guitar Center. The finish was already starting to "wear in" after so many people playing one. An interesting cheapo.
  9. No one wants to marry a doctorate student.
  10. I may be a ghost, but things are always happening... Can't find much info on the brand, it's called Premier. The electronics are decent, the color was blue in the inside but dry rotted green before i took it out. I want to say it's a cheap brand, but the quality of the neck wood is making me rethink it's origins. China? Japan? Maybe. The hardware itself is decent. Nothing really screams low quality, but nothing screams premium either, it does have a four piece body.
  11. Hey Dub, you ever use any of those electrical components i gave you?
  12. Of course, just not as often.

  13. I'd make it a Les Paul Junior DC Pro again, really hard to find.
  14. Nice. Now you need neon bass strings. Totes.
  15. Did you get get the money back from Pigeon FX?

  16. No, he didn't mean it in a bad way but you once said to him that he should mix the knobs because of all his guitar pedals were just bare and with the same knobs.
  17. I had a friend who worked for dell and the most common return of items he said was monitors being repaired/returned for a magnet being put on the screen. Sometimes they would even ship it back with the magnet. People just never know sometimes.
  18. Put it on your computer screen, it makes the image quality better.
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