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  1. Heh... Think ES 335 and you got a Colt. Ever handled one of those? That's the Colt right there, tired and true. Edit: Now that I really think of it, the Colt had a slimmer waste, but it felt like an ES-335. My 59' ES-125T is similar, but still larger than the Colt.
  2. I remember when these were on sale at your local Guitar Center. The finish was already starting to "wear in" after so many people playing one. An interesting cheapo.
  3. No one wants to marry a doctorate student.
  4. Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday!
  5. I'll be going there! Thanks. A little update. Looks like I'll have a whole free day in Minneapolis. Gonna have to find things to do there as well!
  6. I'll have to check it out on my way back. I've actually done both of those.
  7. You're the 10th person to telll me this. Glacier is on the list for sure. Fort Union looks great. Your other posts have some great recommendations, thank you. Didn't AAA had the option, i will have to check it out!
  8. I've passed this place a lot, I'll save this for another trip. Already been to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the Little Big Horn is a good thing to take note of. Tons of info! Thank you, I'll be mapping these out to see where i could go. d00d Columbia River is a must, thank you. I'll only be in Illinois for a short while, near Naperville. Scenery, historic viewing, museums, etc. Thank you everyone for your recommendations, i really appreciateit.
  9. I haven't posted here in a while...but I'd give it a shot for old times sake. I'll be driving across the country from New York to Washington for a 10 week internship. I know we have members from all over the world, so I'm curious if you guys would know of any thing to do in these states as i drive by them. If i can't do it next week, than on the way back is possible. I'll be crossing Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana, and lastly Washington. It could be anything, I'd be interested to see what you guys say. Thanks.
  10. I may be a ghost, but things are always happening... Can't find much info on the brand, it's called Premier. The electronics are decent, the color was blue in the inside but dry rotted green before i took it out. I want to say it's a cheap brand, but the quality of the neck wood is making me rethink it's origins. China? Japan? Maybe. The hardware itself is decent. Nothing really screams low quality, but nothing screams premium either, it does have a four piece body.
  11. About one hour ago, Motorhead was playing outside my house. I could step outside and hear them play at Jones Beach, they were proper loud. I didn't hear it all too well, but they were playing "Just cos' you got the power", which might be one of the best heavy metal songs they have ever written. What i had standing outside my house trying to decipher the music, was a revelation. These guys are getting old and they won't be playing forever. This rings true for a lot of bands that i have a taste for, some of these guys playing some fast ******* music, they won't be able to play it for many more years. I just blew $200 on tickets to go see Black Sabbath at Madison square garden and i honestly don't care that their overpriced, because I'm finally going to be able to see Black Sabbath on their "final tour". B.B. King passed about this year and I'm still mad at myself for not going to see him and i damn as well know i had plenty of chances. Just do it, go see that band or musician you love before it's too late. Once their gone, it's done. 2016 is the year for concerts, please join me...
  12. Like i said - special terms = special stains. You'd think her fluids would be easier to get out than his.
  13. These pants are under...special terms at the moment. I see it as if one were to bring a car to a mechanic for a issue - issues wasn't fixed, you still pay?
  14. And you specify that you want this stain to be removed, that's all. You pick it up next week and the stain is still there. Do you pay for the service or should it be free?
  15. I still have the '59 ES-125T. I haven't been playing much lately, I've been busy with school and life. Funny part is that now i mess with electronics more than ever, yet i haven't touched a pedal or amp in a long time to build or modify.
  16. You still build your own effect pedals?
  17. What an odd yet warm feeling to stumble onto you folks again.
  18. Wouldn't be surprised if this is Gibson sponsored. Headstocks remind me of B.C. Rich. In the metal community, i don't really see a lot of talk for Zakk Wylde. He defiantly has his own image and sound going, but i'm not so sure if it's enough to really have his own guitar and amp company. Though honestly, the last thing we need is more mediocre guitars with EMG pickups. It's typical fashion for most metal guitar players to go down that route. More power to him though, i really do wish him luck. Even though I'm against the product being sold...
  19. Going to college still, been playing guitar and expanding my musical interests as always. Been doing some amateur automotive racing, HPDE days, autocross, etc. Been modifying my car, picked up another one as a project, been having a lot of fun learning and breaking stuff. I haven't bought a guitar or amp in a really long time. It's honestly either been a nice set of summer tires which will last me one season or a new mid scale guitar. I keep telling myself i'll be waiting it out to buy a Les Paul, but the Melody Maker and the ES-159T keep me busy. Thanks as well, I'll have to pickup a set of XLR's then.
  20. We have some old avionics grade equipment here at the college. The number of different chicken head knobs i see around here are crazy. A lot of them will fit the standard guitar pot or amp pot. I'll have to pull some off of the broken equipment and see if they'll fit or not.
  21. Hey guys, Recently picked up a set of JBL Pro series studio monitors for cheap. Since i already have a dedicated hi-fi stereo system set up, i was thinking to use these as computer speakers. There's two inputs, a XLR and a 1/4" inch plug. I know I'll have to run a stereo XLR or 1/4" which thus converts to a 3.5MM to run it into my computer. My question is, is it better to use the XLR or 1/4" plug? Thanks
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