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Lifeson Axcess vs. Axcess Standard


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The main differences between the guitars is that the Alex Lifeson Axcess has the Graph Tech "Ghost" Tremelo w/ Piezo pickups in addition to the 496R/498T pups which are found on both guitars. The lifeson guitar also comes stock with Schaller strap locks installed and is available in 2 unique finishes and is a limited run guitar. I have the axcess standard and IMHO the Lifeson guitar is not worth the extra $500 unless you are a collector. I am not intrigued by the piezo pups but i am sure there are a lot of people that are. BTW according to Musicians Friend the custom Axcess standard will soon be no longer being made in Ice Tea and Gun Metal gray finishes. they have started a new run with silverburst finish and raised the price almost $700.


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Here is what I have been able to figure out..


1) the Floyd Rose is a GraphTech Ghost that has Piezo pickups

2) the guitar has dual output jacks (read description of guitar to understand how they work)

3) the colors are different

4) the truss rod cover and the guitar case have Al's signature on them

5) it has a different serial number scheme

6) the pickups have covers

7) the tremolo block has been upgraded to a brass one for more weight and sustain (not mentioned in the guitar's literature but reported by users who have the guitar already)

8) in a recent interview, Alex says that the Lifeson model is not chambered (or weight relieved, or whatever), while the regular Axcess is. Nowhere in the literature is that claim made. However, users who have both guitars are saying that the Lifeson model is definitely heavier, which could also be partially due to the added electronics and battery of the piezo setup, the dual output jacks, and the tremolo block.

9) the Schaller strap locks


The Lifeson model is not a limited run, although there is some confusion about this as there are only 50 of the signed versions being made.


Whether or not this is all worth an additional $400 or so for the Lifeson model over the regular Axcess is a personal judgment call, but for me it's a definite "yes" mostly due to the dual jack piezo setup, although I also like the tremolo block, the pickup covers, and the colors over the regular Axcess.

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