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My first ever 'vocal' track


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Hi Folks,


My band is adding a few more 'rockier' tracks to the set list.


Yesterday i had a day off and I put together a 'scratch track' of White Wedding, the Billy Idol classic.


The only difference is that I had a go at the vocals(gasp, horror). As you mostly know I play rhythm in the band and let Ray take the vocal duties, and he does it well.


Anyway, i had a bit of fun with this, its an all Gibby affair, the rhythm part was played on the Songwriter and the picking and fills on the Country Western.


Anyway, would love to get your feedback and suggestions before i re-record it and mix if fully. Pls note its just a scratch track, including me counting time for one part, a bit weird, but im still learning this track and timings etc ..





Here it is:




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