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J-45 dimensions


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I went to Guitar Center yesterday to buy a new case for my 1950 J-45, which I have owned since 1966. The case I bought for it in the late 60's was a relatively poor fit, and I was feeling guilty about having my favorite instrument rattling around a bit in the case. To my surprise, I discovered that the new Gibson Custom J-45 case was too small--guitar simply won't fit. The dimensions of my 1948-1950 J-45 ( FON 3644-8) are: lower bout 16 1/4, waist 10 7/8, upper bout 11 5/8, body length 20 1/4, minimum body depth 3 3/4+, max body depth 4 3/4+, overall length 40 1/2. How do these dimensions compare to those of a "modern" J-45? The shape generally seems the same, but without fitting modern and 60-year-old instruments back-to-back, its hard to know.

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