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1968 LPCA inquiry

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1968 reissues/historics really seem to be something special, don't they?

The more I look into it, the less clear it gets...


My question is about a 1968 Les Paul Custom, Custom Authentic, Serial# 035748. Ebony, nickel hardware, aged finish and has the black Custom/Art/Historic (TKL) case.


In the end it doesn't matter, it is a *killer* guitar, but I'd just like to know how it's put together; is it solid mahogany, or maple top, BRW fingerboard or not, what kind of PU's are in it, long tenon? All that kind of jazz... There are countless variations going 'round.


I could take some pictures if strictly needed, but I have no intention of disassembling the beast to take some shots of the internals, as it came to me as good as can be. Not a single screw or setting has been touched since day one, apart from new strings. It's perfect and I'd like to keep it that way. Disassembly always leaves a mark somewhere, don't ask me how I know.


Thanks for any input.

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The Tri Burst 68 reissue has a solid carved maple top.... Not sure if the ebony is the same...

Classic 57 pickups in the VOS model and 490 and 498 in the Custom Authentic..

Long neck Tenon...


Nice guitars and contrary to popular belief the VOS versions are still in production with the Ebony being the rarest

solid body too... Me thinks



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