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Gibson Les Paul Custom fret height.


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Hi there everybody.



Very precise question here: I've got a 1980 custom. Great manufacturing, terribly low frets.


I'd like to know:


When did Gibson start to build customs with higher frets?Like the ones used today?


Mid 80s? 90s?



Do let me know guys, thx!

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Hi Belva,


I hope this helps:


In their raw state, the frets that go on the LP Custom are slightly higher and thinner than what goes on the Reissues. All Reissue models have “reissue frets”. In their raw state, they are all the same regardless of the model. However, the frets are filed differently depending on the model.

Reissue Frets are 1.00 thousandths high by 1.00 thousandths wide in their raw state.

Gibson USA is 0.090” wide and 0.055” tall nickel/silver alloy

Narrow frets were used until 1959. In mid 1959, wider frets were used. These “Fretless Wonder” frets were used until the mid 1970s.

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