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String Gauge for Epiphone AJ 500 RE


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Let me introduce myself first:

I'm a 23 year old guy from Germany, playing guitar for several years. As I'm from Germany please forgive me if there are any mistakes in my post.


I've got a quite simple question and would be gratefull for answers from "experts" ;). If you are not sure if your answer is correct, if it's just an assumption, please make that visible. Thanks a lot. As it's about my baby it's very important to me to be able to see if the answer is valid or an assumption.


The question is:

Could my Epiphone AJ 500 RE's top suffer damage from using strings of the gauge .014-.059 ?

I know there are guitars, that are not able to take the tension of strings that thick. IS the AJ 500 one of them? Do I have to be afraid that the flat top becomes arched by the tension?


I would be really thankfull for answers.

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Hi -


Shortly after I bought my DR500M, I contacted Epiphone to find out what strings are installed on DR500M's at the factory. Below is the the reply I received. Note the requirement to adjust the neck for the increased tension when using medium gauge strings. Consider contacting Gibson directly about your interest in using heavy gauge strings,





"Sorry about the confusion! All Masterbilt steel-string guitars come from the factory with Gibson Masterbuilt .012-.052. It will not void your warranty to use medium-guage strings, it will just require the appropriate neck adjustments to accommodate for the increased neck tension. I hope this information is helpful! Thanks for the inquiry!"


Best regards,

Benton Cummings

Gibson Customer Service



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Thank you very much,

I already wrote the Gibson Customer Service Europe. They haven't answered yet. Although I have a bad experience with replies from manufacturers.

Once got a very bad answer and luckily knew someone who had the same problem and told me, if I had done what the manufactuerer told me, I would have killed my Tv-Receiver.


So I always try to get customers experiences.


Thanks for your answer. Gives me hope to receive an answer from Gibson soon ;)

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