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1973 Les Paul Custom Refret

Kineman Karma

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Hey all, well today I pulled the trigger and bit the bullet and put my #1 in for a full refret with 6130 frets.


I am also having the white neck binding colour matched with the aged binding on the rest of the body of the guitar.


I have asked them to also install a Tusk nut which ages very quickly and resonates really well.


ok so Full 6130 refret job, new Tusk nut, Neck binding colour matched from white to aged binding.


Here is my 4 fold questions for ya;


What size frets do you run on your LP?


What do you think of 6130 frets?


What do you think of a Tusk Nut?


What is your experience with colour matching a regular worn part of the guitar that has kept the binding white to the more vintage aged binding.


Cheers :)

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