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SG Special with pickup rings AND pickguard


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I've got my eye on a 1991 SG Special, but am curious about the pickups.


The guitar has humbucker pickups with chrome covers, mounted inside rectangular black-plastic pickup rings. What's odd (to me) is that those pickup rings are then screwed down ON TOP of the regular "batwing" SG pickguard.


Like I said, it's a 1991 model, and I'm not too familiar with older SGs. But every SG I've ever seen either has just the pickup rings holding the pickups in place, OR the pickguard, with the pickups poking through separate holes in the pickguard. I've never seen both, with the pickup rings stacked on top of the pickguard.


Has anyone? Is this the way some SGs were made, or is this some weird modification?


Many thanks,


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some knucklehead did the mod.


the rings make the pickups run parallel to the strings rather than the body. Angus and Tony Iommi have done it, i can't name anyone else tho... i guess that qualifies this as performance- or function-related.


among millions of forum posts i've only see three guys do this, including this one. plastic on top of plastic is simply a crime imo.

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